How to Improve Your Art Skills

Do you wish to one day become a great artist, and have people look at your artwork in amazement and wonder how you drew it? Or maybe you’re looking for a career in art and need to improve your skills. Whatever the case may be, here are some ideas to help you improve your art skills.

One of the most important things in art is practicing

You’ve probably heard it many times already–practice makes perfect! Although you can’t reach “perfect” in art, practicing drawing everyday will help you improve tons.

Take a few moments each day to study your surroundings

Look at the face of the person you’re talking to. Notice how the light affects where all the shadow goes, and the shape of their features. Observe colors and shadows around you, and take a look at textures or how clothing wrinkles. These things will help you gain a better understanding in how real objects work and are shaped and will come in handy when you’re drawing.

Don’t get caught up in the color name game

It’s easy to forget the oblivious fact that every single blade of grass is not just one specific shade of “grass green”.Cadmium Red can vary greatly among different medias brands and screen settings.This can also cause different results when mixing colors. Avoid referencing color terms in the dictionary and look at items’ colors in person or in photographs/videos.

Learn how to obtain the correct colors and their properties accurately

The color concepts are very different than in grade school basic art. The basic white and black to get shade and tone has a tendency to alter the color hue and make it dull and false. Blue and yellow depending on many factors will be brown and not always green.

Consider investing in better quality art supplies

At least experiment with various brands of the same media at different price ranges. Many art supply shops sell the open stock which is less expensive than entire sets if you’re just sampling them. Don’t bash the cheaper ones which can perform as well or better than more costly versions.

  • Get out of the children’s art supply section! Those do not in general have the same properties as the more professional or artist versions.

Look at other artists’ works

There are many great artists on deviantART, so feel free to check out that site or create an account. Pay attention to their style of drawing. Take a look at multiple artists too, so you can expand your viewpoint. And if you want, try copying their style for a day to get a good idea on it (just don’t claim it as your own unless it actually becomes your style). Also take trips to museums and art exhibits to gain inspiration.

Another good idea is to look up tutorials

There are a lot of great tutorials on deviant ART on all sorts of things and you’re sure to find one that helps. Also consider art books and taking art courses.

  • Beware of the “paint or draw by number” format. It’s beneficial when learning new techniques but this copycat system can hinder an artist’s individual talent and perspective from being seen in the works that person creates. The great artists of the past and present became famous via uniqueness.

Try out different mediums of art

For example, if you’re doing traditional art and mainly use pencil or colored pencil, try out pastels or painting for a new experience. Or try it digitally, as in with a pen tablet (like Wacom tablets) and a paint program for your computer.