How to Introduce Arts and Crafts to Kids – Tips that Actually Work!

Kids are born curious and creative – two qualities that go wonderfully together! In such a scenario, it’s obvious that they’re naturally inclined towards arts and crafts, so half your work is done there!

However, a little nudge and support in the right direction can be of great help and encouragement to kids, which is why we’re talking about how to introduce kids to arts and crafts in a manner that’s appropriate for their age and ability.

Introducing Crafts by Age

  • Start with very basic supplies, like crayons and colored paper for toddlers. Get them jumbo crayons that fit into their little hands and help them tear colored paper for some fine motor practice. Check out our favorite art & Craft supplies.
  • Handprint or Printmaking Artworks are great for toddlers and preschoolers, who can then progress onto using child-safe glue. Let them create rough paper collages, or you can experiment with different materials – cotton, fabric, stickers, sticks, and leaves.
  • School going kids can make crafts with more definition and may be interested in creating things that they can play with or give their friends, like bookmarks. At this age, they can use scissors and other tools. They’re also more in tune with changing seasons and popular holidays.
  • Tweens and older kids will be able to appreciate the finer nuances of art and famous artists.They can also use materials like porcelain clay to sculpt. Kids this age might prefer making things that can be used, like jewelry, earphone pouches etc – Our paper Quilling crafts are perfect. This is also a good stage to get them involved in crafts of other world cultures.Whatever your child’s age, it’s never too late to introduce them to arts and crafts – we think even Mom and Dad can benefit a lot from it!

How to Introduce Arts and Crafts to Kids

1. Start with a Favourite Story

To begin with, a favorite story or book is a good idea for a starting point. There are many crafts based on popular children’s books like Horton Hears a Who, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pete the Cat and more. If your child has a favorite character, like Mickey Mouse or Peppa Pig, go for crafts based on them. If you can’t find a craft based exactly on your child’s favorite book, improvise! Go for generic crafts based on the characters in the book, like a cat, bird or fish.

2. Look at your Child’s Interests

Some kids, especially preschoolers, go through phases of intense obsession. It could be about trains, trucks or Dora – it’s usually something that your child breathes!

If this is the case in your home, you have the perfect setting to start doing crafts! Show your train crazy champ illustrations of vintage trains, usually found in older books.

A scrapbook is a great idea for all ages, where they can cut out pictures of trains from magazines or newspapers and stick them in. Make the most of this obsession to make simple train crafts, or even plan a DIY train themed party!

3. Use Experiences

For a child, novelty is everywhere. They delight in a visit to a farm, the first time it rains, or tasting a new dish. Make use of this excitement and let it translate into arts and crafts!

If your child prefers just letting his thoughts flow, leave him alone with paper and art materials. If he’d like to ‘do’ something more with his hands, go crafty. Make a cute rainy day collage when the monsoon sets in, or an air show collage after witnessing a Republic Day show. Festivals like Diwali, Sankranti, Eid, Easter or Christmas are also excellent opportunities to get ideas to craft, and since they’re usually home for the holidays, there’s time to spare as well.